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TQS Transformation Supports Lymphoma Canada through Yoga

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in yoga classes during the months of October and November in support of Lymphoma Canada’s take it to the mat, the Great Yoga and Wellness Revolution. Through your participation, we were able to raise $1500.

This year TQS Transformation was unable to attend the take it to the mat event held on November 13th but decided instead to offer yoga classes within the community to create awareness for Lymphoma Canada as well as promote healthy living through yoga.  All ages enjoyed the benefits of yoga, ranging from students in grades 7 and 8 at Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School to semi-private and private classes held at TQS Transformation.  

It is always such a pleasure to introduce yoga to students young and old. All participants enjoyed the experience of new movement, but many of the young students seemed to especially enjoy the final few quiet moments of Savasana meditation.

TQS Transformation will continue to raise funds for Lymphoma Canada’s take it to the mat event by offering yoga or meditation classes throughout the year, so please feel free to contact us if you have a special event or group who would like to experience a yoga classes or short guided meditation.

Thank you once again to everyone who participated!



TQS Transformation had the wonderful opportunity to participate with well over 150 people at the annual "Noah's Bowl for 18" event. This was the 3rd Annual Noah's Bowl for 18 held on Sunday November 6, 2016 from 1 to 4 pm at BURLINGTON BOWL. It was a huge success, thanks to the generosity and friendship of all who participated along with family and friends who donated prizes for the raffle and silent auction.  Congratulations to the Banton Family, Natalie, Jeff, Nathan and Noah, your tireless commitment to raising awareness towards Chromosome 18 Registry and Research has touched so many lives.  

Since the inception of TQS Transformation as a non-for-profit organization created to promote Health and Wellness along with being a vehicle to allow our chosen Community Reach Programs to Trust Your Journey, we have been blessed with the close relationship we have experienced with Noah. To paraphrase a quote from our Share Your Story Blog – Noah’s Time - Noah’s unique character is described.

Gentle and kind are the two words that best capture his personality. He loves life and he is happy every day. He would never say a bad thing about a person, no matter how difficult the personality. He always sees the good in everyone and everything. He lives life to the fullest. Everything that he has wanted to achieve he has on his own time. He has so much more that he wants to achieve in life. He has a strong desire to learn more and more each day and he sets out doing this daily. Noah will achieve everything he wants to in life on “Noah’s time.” He plays the piano. He’s passionate about baseball and hockey. He can rhyme off stats of his favourite sports and players. He rides his bike everywhere. He loves to read and play games. He is an excellent Euchre player, he enjoys travelling and exploring. Noah is very active in Special Olympics and participates on the floor hockey, basketball, bowling, soccer and on the track team.
From the TQS Transformation Team to the Chromosome 18 Noah’s Bowl Team Congratulation’s!

Dear Chris, Catherine and Cameron,

Thank you for joining us on Sunday, Nov. 6th in support of raising money for Chromosome 18 Research.

Our 3rd Annual Noah’s Bowl for 18 was a huge success. We had 206 bowlers of whom were family and friends. We were surrounded by laughter, smiling faces, kindness and love. As a result, the bowling alley rocked great energy! It was really special to have so many of our family and friends take the time to spend a Sunday afternoon with us raising awareness and generating money for research. The variety of items donated by friends, family and people in and around our community was incredibly overwhelming.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support it means so much to us.

Natalie, Jeff, Noah and Nathan.

TQS Transformation is proud to participate in “Noah's Bowl for 18” fundraising auction contributing Blue Jay tickets (valued $550.00). More info >>


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