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2nd annual "Noah's Bowl for 18" fundraiser

The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society

The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research

Hi Everyone,
Many of you know that our 1st annual "Noah's Bowl for 18" was a huge success, thanks to all of you who bought tickets along with your family and friends and donated prizes for our raffle and silent auction.
We are having our 2nd Annual Noah's Bowl for 18 on Sunday February 22, 2015 from 1 to 4 pm at BURLINGTON BOWL on Harvester in Burlington, between Walkers and Guleph Line. We hope it is as successful as last year.
Many of you donated prizes and/or collected donations for the Silent Auction and Raffle last year. We appreciate any donations this year. We have attached a copy of the letter we use when asking for donations just in case you are interested in donating something or plan to ask a company to donate to the Silent Action or Raffle this year. We welcome anything, every little bit helps. Last year most people walked away with something from our Silent Action, Raffle and 50/50 draw. If we are fortunate enough to get as many items as we received last year, that would be so wonderful. We found most people were very generous when we approached them and asked for a donation.
We are just in the process of getting the tickets made up. The price will be the same as last year, $20 a ticket. This will include 2 hours of bowling, shoes, a slice of pizza, a drink, a $6.00 future voucher from Burlington Bowl and a chance to win some Raffle prizes.
Please spread the word to your family and friends and let me know how many tickets you need. Our goal is to sell 300 tickets. There are enough lanes for 288 bowlers, 6 to a lane so we hope we can fill all of the lanes and have the whole Bowling Alley just for this special event.
We hope you can all make this great event.

Download Silent Auction Letter >>

Natalie, Jeff, Nathan and Noah Banton



take it to the mat - the Great Yoga and Wellness event

take to the mat, the Great Yoga and Wellness event

On Sunday, November 2, 2014, we (Cameron and Catherine Mattice) joined over 130 people at the Canadian National Ballet School to participate in take to the mat, the Great Yoga and Wellness event in support of Lymphoma Canada. Thank you to our family and friends who generously donated over $4,000! In total, the event raised close to $150,000. All of the funds raised will enable Lymphoma Canada to further its mission of supporting over 80,000 Canadians living with lymphoma: Hodgkin, non-Hodgkin and CLL.

The entire day was a celebration of wellness. The morning sessions focused on strategies for healthy living.  Among the speakers, Dr. ‘Joey’ Shulman, a highly regarded authority on weight loss, health and nutrition, took the stage to address strategies for healthy eating. Dr. John Kuruvilla, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, a clinical investigator  and hematologist in the Department of Medical Oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, discussed the latest advances in treating lymphoma patients using pharmaceuticals.

The highlight of the day was practicing 108 minutes of energetic and healing yoga with all of the participants – cancer patients and survivors, families and friends.

One of the guest speakers, Ryan Leal, shared his story as a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor.  At the age of 24, just after graduating university, Ryan was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkin’s. For Ryan, the illness presented itself with a very uncomfortable and at times debilitating rash. For almost two years doctors unsuccessfully treated the rash with various prescribed medications until two lumps appeared which helped pinpoint the correct diagnosis. Today, 12 years later, Ryan is married and the father of two young boys.

As many of you know, Cameron went back and forth to doctors before anyone could come up with a proper diagnosis.  He also experienced a rash, as well as a persistent dry cough that caused him shortness of breath, both at rest and during exercise. Doctors prescribed cream for the rash and one doctor misdiagnosed his illness as asthma, prescribing an inhaler. When Cameron was finally diagnosed with Hodgkin’s it was Stage IVb, with a tumour pushing on his trachea, nearly closing the airway to his lungs. He responded immediately to treatment and is now thriving at 22.

In addition to our shared philosophy of promoting wellness through TQS Transformation, part of our goal in participating in the take it to the mat event is to create awareness for Lymphoma to assist in earlier detection. Ryan and Cameron’s symptoms were just a few of the symptoms for Hodgkin’s, and there are over 60 types of lymphoma. Hodgkin’s is the third most common cancer diagnosed in adolescents and young adults aged 15–29 in Ontario, with a higher incidence in males. If you, or anyone you love, are not feeling well and have annoying symptoms that don’t respond to any treatments, be persistent with your doctor. As we have learned over the years, wellness is the best defense. So we encourage you to treat your body with kindness – eat healthy foods, restore with sleep, exercise and get outdoors to move your body, and minimize stress by fostering a nurturing and loving environment for your family and yourself.

Our bodies love all kinds of exercise – walking, cycling, running, tennis, swimming – so whatever your pleasure, your body will thank you. But we especially love yoga. Our family and our co-workers through TQS Transformation have experienced yoga’s healing benefits first hand. Various studies have shown that practicing helps the heart rate decrease which benefits people with high blood pressure. When practiced with proper alignment, yoga poses can also bring relief to people with physical ailments, especially back pain sufferers. For people with lymphoma, yoga exercises can improve the circulation of the lymphatic channels through the contraction and massage of skeletal muscles through a variety of poses. In addition, a recent study conducted by Ohio State University found that breast cancer survivors who practiced 90-minute yoga classes twice-weekly for 12 weeks experienced reduced inflammation. Inflammation is associated with chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis and can also cause fatigue in cancer patients for months after treatment.

If you have any questions about Lymphoma Canada, please access their website at and for more information on the recent yoga study with breast cancer patients, check out the study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology:

Or an overview in the National Geographic:

Once again thank you to all of our supporters for making this day possible for us.  It was a day we’ll always remember!

Cameron and Catherine

take to the mat, the Great Yoga and Wellness event


Take it to the Mat,The Great Yoga and Wellness Event - a Fundraiser for Lymphoma Canada

Lymphoma Canada is proud to invite you to our inaugural take it to the mat, The Great Yoga & Wellness Revolution.

On November 2nd, Cameron and I will be participating in take to the mat, the Great Yoga and Wellness event - a fundraiser for Lymphoma Canada. With its emphasis on promoting eating healthier, living mindfully, practicing yoga and giving back, this event embodies many of the principles of our TQS Transformation initiative. We will also be participating in partnership with Zenbar Healing Studio - Oakville.

Many of you were with Cameron through his journey to wellness after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma nine years ago. In the time since he finished his last radiation treatment, you have continued to follow his journey – sharing in his successes and roadblocks along the way. We are forever grateful for your love and support.

We are asking you to join with us in the next part of the journey as we work to raise funds for Lymphoma Canada. It is our hope that the funds raised through take it to the mat will assist the more than 80,000 Canadians and their families living with Lymphoma through, education research and support. Lymphoma Canada is the only national organization solely dedicated to Canadians affected by lymphoma: Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma & CLL.  Lymphoma is the number one cancer in young adults between the ages 18 and 39 and Hodgkin lymphoma is on the rise.

We understand that everyone is inundated with fundraising requests for many worthy causes, so we appreciate any support you may offer.

In order to donate directly to Lymphoma Canada, please click on one of the links below to support either Cameron or my fundraising page.


For Cameron’s story and to donate to his fundraising page, please Click Here.

For Catherine’s fundraising page, please Click Here.


Thank you once again for your continued support.


Cameron and Catherine Mattice



How to get more out of your work day?

Take a break!

In today’s deadline-oriented workplace, long hours and overflowing in baskets often mean working through breaks to get the job done. But recent studies indicate that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves productivity and creativity. And in fact, not taking the time to step away for short breaks throughout the day can actually increase stress and lead to exhaustion.

In a study conducted by the University of Illinois in 2011, researchers found that simply taking two brief breaks enabled participants to stay focused. According to Psychology Professor Alejandro Lleras, lead researcher: “You start performing poorly on a task because you've stopped paying attention to it.” As a result Professor Lleras and his team propose that people deactivate and reactive goals to stay focused. “Our research suggests that, when faced with long tasks, brief mental breaks will actually help you stay focused on your task!"

Another study on lunch break patterns amongst office workers, conducted by Univerity of Toronto also suggests that breaks, freely chosen by workers, can improve productivity. According to John Trougakos, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour & HR Management, at the University of Toronto Scarborough  and the Rotman School of Management: “Mental concentration is like muscle. It becomes fatigued after sustained use and needs a rest period before it can recover.”

Despite studies pointing to the benefits of taking breaks throughout the workday, many people still work through breaks and even take lunch at their desks while working.

Here are tips for quick breaks that make a difference:

1. Get up from your desk and walk around. During the winter months, this may just mean taking a walk to the cafeteria but in the summer months, enjoy the outdoors. Find a park and sit for a few minutes under a tree.

2. Step away from your desk for lunch. Try not to bring lunch back to your desk. Take 15 minutes to enjoy your meal away from your work area.

3. Eat a healthy meal. Try to avoid fast food and sweets for lunch. Protein helps boost energy. Greasy, carb laden foods cause afternoon sluggishness.

4. Drink Water. When you step away from your desk, fill up your water bottle. Water replenishes. It helps the kidneys function and energizes muscles. And it has no calories!

5. Take short stretch breaks. Remember your body as well as your mind. Sitting at a desk all day long can cause discomfort in our backs, necks and hips. So roll your chair away from your desk and find stretches to move your shoulders, open your hips and relieve back tension.

6. Remember to breathe. Yes of course you breathe. But when stressed, the breath becomes shallow or you may even hold your breath. By taking conscious deep breaths, your body settles into its natural state and eliminates stress response. The mind eases and the whole body relaxes. So simple!

7. Listen to Music. If you can, play your music softly at your workstation. If that’s not an option, bring along your favourite tunes to listen to when you go for a short walk.

8. Read something non-work related. Take a few minutes, to read something for pleasure. You’ll find it clears the mind.

9. Turn off your cell phone. Even if only for a half hour. The constant barrage of text messages, calls and even multiple emails, can drain energy. Taking a reprieve from your cell phone doesn’t have to be ignoring the communication, shutting off for a short time.

10. Laugh for a few minutes with a co-worker. Not only does laughter change your perspective, it also has positive health benefits. It relaxes the whole body. It boosts the immune system, triggers the relief of endorphins as well as improves blood vessel function and increases the blood flow to benefit the heart.  And it’s fun.

11. Unclutter your desk. Clearing clutter can help calm the mind. Looking at an overflowing in basket can be overwhelming. Having a clean work area can free our mind to concentrate on the task at hand, improving productivity. 


TQS Transformation Brings Yoga to High Schools

This past fall Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga hosted a full day Participaction/Spirit Day for its students. Students were encouraged to participate in some of the many activities held throughout the day - road hockey, a firetruck pull, Zumba, Chess, and Yoga. TQS Transformation was on site to lead over 50 students and teachers in an hour long yoga class.

TQS Transformation Brings Yoga to High Schools

In December, TQS Transformation traveled to the experiential school, Bronte Creek Project in Burlington to bring yoga to approximately 14 students and their teachers. The Bronte Creek Project is a one semester, four-credit, community environmental leadership program for grade 11 and 12 students in the Halton District School Board. The school site is located in North Burlington off Appleby Line. While the classroom is often the surrounding outdoor wildlife, there is a small building where students can do desk work, prepare lunchtime meals and – for an hour in December - practice yoga. For many of the students, this was their introduction to yoga. With the quiet back drop of freshly fallen snow just outside the picture window, the students quickly found their rhythm to the movement and relaxed for a few quiet moments at the end in savasana.

Truly a peaceful place with a group of energetic students who love to be outdoors. We hope to return in the Spring to practice outside beneath the trees.

This saying posted on their Facebook page captures the spirit of the students participating in the Bronte Creek Project!

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – Air, Mountains, Trees, People. I thought: This is what it is to be Happy. 


A New Year’s Resolution with Purpose

There is a Sanskrit word ‘Sankalpa’ which means will, purpose or resolve. For many, it’s a yogic resolution. Unlike our traditional New Year’s resolutions focusing on things we may be doing wrong or material things we think we need, Sankalpa comes from our hearts rather than our ego. Instead we focus on our intention and a decision to move forward with purpose. For me, Sankalpa is more of spiritual journey rather than a To Do list of resolutions. It is an intention to let go of the past in order to connect with my heartfelt desire or life’s purpose. What a lovely thought to look forward to the New Year with hope for the magical possibilities to come rather than focus on what has gone wrong in the past so we can create rules for the future. Here are few ideas to help you celebrate the New Year as you find your own Sankalpa.

Listen to your Heart

Whether it’s sitting in meditation, taking a quiet walk in nature or simply resting quietly in comfortable place at home, we all need time to step away from the constant busyness of our lives in order to hear our inner voice. So take some time to yourself. Shut off the noise and still your mind. As you’re in this relaxed state, take a moment to celebrate where you are at this very moment in your life. Then let go of anything that no longer serves you. Now think of what you would truly like to do – is there a personal goal or dream that you keep setting time because it isn’t practical or you just don’t have time. Find that dream. Let it settle in your heart. Think about what you would need to do to make it come true. What would be your next step? Now imagine yourself on your path to that dream. Don’t think about how long are difficult the path while be, just take that first step and then maybe the next one. 

Enjoy the Journey

While your Sankalpa may be profound, it doesn’t mean that every moment along the way has to be intense and serious. Remember to take time to look at the scenery. Have fun. Laugh. Connect with people who share your joy. Smile. You’ll find the whole world becomes much brighter when you share your light.

Trust, Trust, Trust

There is no wrong path. So stop looking over your shoulder thinking about what might have happened if you took the other road. You’re not going that way, you’re moving forward. Release the worry when you come to a fork in the road. Trust that you will know which road to take and it will be the best road for you. And if the road becomes treacherous and difficult, trust again. Keep going. You can do it. You won’t know what magic awaits you until you get to the other side.

Be Open to New Possibilities

You are now carrying your dream in your heart. You have started your journey to fulfill it. Life is still busy, but you’re focused and on track. So far so good. But what happens when you discover another dream? You didn’t plan for this. Time is limited. Do you keep walking? Ditch this dream for a new one? There can be more than one dream in your heart. Sometimes the possibility of one dream opens the door to more exciting opportunities. That doesn’t mean you have to entertain every single one of them. But step away and take some time to think about the new possibility. Allow yourself to truly feel it in your heart. You’ll probably find that it will lead you along a similar path to further enrich your journey.  

It will be a Happy New Year. And the world will be a much richer place because of your Sankalpa.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”
Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You’ll Go




Making Time for Office Yoga

In May 2013, 3PLQS joined the ranks of Forbes, Nike, Apple, Google and other Fortune 500 companies by offering employees a chance to practice yoga at the office. For almost seven months, employees have signed up for lunchtime classes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays (choice of two classes each day). While not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to step away from their desk to stretch and de-stress, employees who do practice regularly are already appreciating the many benefits of yoga.

According to Charlene, a Call Centre Specialist with TQS Logistics division, practicing yoga has helped her better manage stiffness, pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis of the spine.  “Although I was very afraid to start yoga, I pushed forward to try it and give it all I have. To my surprise, I am truly amazed at the benefits of incorporating Yoga into my daily lifestyle. I have now become addicted to practicing and really could not do without it,” she says. “Yoga has made me feel stronger, more flexible, along with a feeling of release in the body and mind. I also sleep much better at night.”

For Joseph, a Business Analyst with the TQS Technology division, yoga had been on his ‘to do’ list to complement his more intense workout sessions at the gym. While he admits to being a bit leery of its benefits at first, he quickly embraced his practice. “The sessions were hard initially (in fact they still are most of the time) but my body learned to adjust. I learned that practicing diligently on the fundamentals improved my overall wellbeing,”

Ivona, a Web Designer for 3PLQS, thought yoga might help alleviate some issues with her hip and shoulder. “I’ve noticed subtle changes in my body, with my hip and shoulder problems I have to be really careful when doing some poses. But I am feeling stronger overall, my arm strength has improved and I am becoming more flexible. Yoga is hard, very challenging but it is rewarding too. You feel better after each class and less stressed.”

Some days, the biggest challenge is showing up on the mat to practice. Not surprisingly, last minute work emergencies arise and conflict with class schedules. Because classes are small, participants are able to communicate with everyone and either delay a class or rearrange their schedule to take the later class. There are times when someone will have to skip a class, but it doesn’t happen often. Most participants have discovered that rather than take away from the work day, yoga actually helps rejuvenate energy levels for the afternoon work schedule.

“Some days your day may run a bit longer or it may be more hectic but if it’s important to you, you will find a way (to practice yoga),” Charlene says. “I am very grateful and thankful for yoga and hope to aspire to a greater lifestyle because of practicing.”

As an employer, Chris Mattice, President of 3PLQS, chose to offer yoga within the workplace as a means to promote employee health and well-being. “Employees need time to step away from their desk to stretch and relax. Yoga is the ideal activity for this because it offers the chance to do both. It also has an added side benefit of allowing employees to interact in a non-work situation. Overall, I’m very pleased with the results,” he says. Chris also takes the time join a class as well as encouraging employees to step away from their desk to keep their commitment to yoga. “Personally, I have noticed an improvement in my own flexibility as well as a greater sense of ease in managing stress.”

Moving beyond the six month mark, yoga has definitely integrated into the corporate culture. And yogis are discovering how a yoga practice reaches beyond the mat.  Sometimes it’s just a simple matter of breathing mindfully.

According to Ivona, “I started to be more conscious about my breathing and using breathing exercises throughout the day. It helps me relax and de-stress.”

Yoga brought subtle changes to Joseph’s day-to-day life. “I have made a conscious effort to apply yoga practices in my everyday life. All of a sudden the 400 series highway traffic stress could be alleviated by focused breathing,” he says. “Yoga really has penetrated into my life. I enjoy mornings when rather than moving around stiffly after waking up, I can do a few rounds of Sun Salutation to limber up.”


NOAH’S BOWL FOR 18 - fundraiser to raise money for Chromosome 18 research


Sunday, February 23, 2014 from 2-5 pm.

Hi Everyone!
Noah loves to Bowl so we are planning our first annual  NOAH’S BOWL FOR 18 
fundraiser to raise money for Chromosome 18 research.
(Noah is part of the 18 p- research)
The tickets are $20.00 which includes 2 games of bowling, shoe rental, pizza and pop.
$10 from every ticket sold will go directly to Chromosome 18 Research. Our goal is to sell 300 tickets. Tickets will be ready for purchase by next week. Please let us know if you are interested.
We are looking for Raffle /  Silent Action items. If you have anything that you would like to donate, we would really appreciate it.

Be creative!

If  you have a specific skill that you would like to offer,  this would be so appreciated.  Shirley Banton enjoys quilting so she has donated 2 beautiful quilts.
Elieen Natale enjoys cooking so she is offering a cooked meal at her home.  Any  unique ideas are totally accepted and appreciated.
Enclosed is an attachment of a Silent Auction letter that you can provide, if needed, when asking for a donation.
Any little bit helps!
Thanks for your support.

Jeff, Natalie, Nathan and Noah


Fuelling the Need for Speed


TQS Transformation is proud to support The Speed Academy Athletics Club in their efforts to train and showcase young Canadian Track and Field athletes. Among the many talented young athletes within the Speed Academy family, TQS Transformation took a moment to catch up on the accomplishments of sprinter Andre De Grasse from Markham, Ontario.

Andre De Grasse, 18, recently competed at the 2013 Junior Pan-Am games in Columbia where he captured two medals - a silver medal in the 100m and a bronze in the 200m. While he carries himself with the quiet poise of a seasoned athlete confident in years of success on the track, Andre only started competing in organized track in June 2013. 

Tony Sharpe, head coach of The Speed Academy, first met Andre during a high school meet at York University last April. “I saw this guy at the start of the race. While everyone was getting ready in their blocks, he started the race standing upright,” Tony shakes his head and laughs along with Andre as they remember the young man’s inexperience at the time. Despite the rocky start, it didn’t take long for Tony to recognize his talent. “He left everyone else behind. I knew I could help him train better so I gave him my card.” 

Within three days, Andre started working with Tony at The Speed Academy. And by the end of the season he earned a scholarship to Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. 

In addition to his success at the Pan-Am Games, Andre was the 2013 Canadian National Junior Champion in the 100 m and 200 m, and is the Canadian Junior record Holder for the 100 m at 10.25. He also ran a record wind-aided 100 m at 9.99.

Windy or not, Andre’s speed on the track is catching notice. As he enters his second year of college, several major NCAA DI universities have expressed interest, including: UCLA, University of Alabama and Florida State University.

Despite his recent successes and the promise of great things to come, Andre seems content to take one thing at a time. “I never thought I would be doing what I am doing right now,” he says with amazement. When asked about future plans on the track, his feet remain firmly on the ground. “Basically, I just want to make my family proud and get an education. Then in the long run maybe pursue this more professionally, but only after I complete my education.”

It sounds like Andre is well on his way to achieving his goals. According to Tony: “Andre is the most talented sprinter I have ever seen.”

TQS Transformation looks forward to sharing more news of future successes of Andre and his teammates at The Speed Academy. 


Soft Tissue Release

Foam Rolling

Over time, either from working out and exercising or from sitting from long periods of time, tension will start to build in your muscles. This muscle tension is often described as a knot, which can be painful and will prevent your muscles from functioning optimally. Since many of us do not have the money to have a professional massage therapist work at these knots daily, it is in our best interest release the tension in our muscles and soft tissue ourselves. About 10-20 minutes a day should be spent rolling out the entire body. Initially, this will be painful, but the more time you dedicate to this, the quicker this pain will subside. The key is to find the spots most painful, and apply as much pressure as you can tolerate.  Don’t be intimidated, after a few weeks of doing this daily, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in how your body feels!


Calves soft tissue release

This routine should begin with your calves, and gradually work up your body. You can use two legs at once, but this may not dig into the muscle deep enough. If there is no muscle soreness, attempt crossing one like on top of the other so the rolling is applied onto one calve at a time. Find a tender spot, and roll back and forth.


Hamstrings soft tissue release

Starting from the back of the knee, moving to just below your butt, begin rolling out your hamstrings. One leg at a time is ideal, having the opposite leg bent in order to push you back and forth.

Gluts (butt):

Gluts soft tissue release 

Placing one foot on top of the opposite leg, just above the knee, begin rolling out your gluts. You can rotate your body to the left and the right to roll different trigger points in the muscle.

IT Band:

IT Band soft tissue release

The IT band is located on the side of your leg and is commonly very tight. Do not be surprised if you begin to experience more pain than the spots you have rolled out so far. Proper form consists of the bottom leg (with the pressure applied) extended straight, and the back straight and in alignment with the extended leg. The opposite leg is bent and placed in front of the extended leg to support and propel your body back and forth. You can use are elbow/forearm closest to the ground to support your upper body as well. If you find a spot that is extremely painful, hold the roll there for a few seconds and then move back and forth on it. The more pain you can tolerate, the better.


Quads soft tissue release 

Slide to the edge of the roller in order to have one leg bent and braced onto the floor. The opposite leg will be bent, with the roller being applied on the quads (front of your thigh). Move up and down, finding the trigger points. You can rotate your body left and right to move the roller more inward or more outward.


Groin soft tissue release 

Turn the foam roller horizontally. Bend one leg and place the knee on top of the roller. Moving left and right and gradually move from above the knee towards the hip/pelvic region. Relax neck and shoulders as much as possible.

Chest & Back:

Chest & back soft tissue release

Place the foam roller vertically, along your spine and gently place your head down. With your arms up in the air above your chest, slowly relax them above your head. You should feel tension through your chest, and possibly tightness in you upper back and shoulder area. Relax and let yourself sink into this position, letting the tension release. Do not forget to take deep breathes from your belly. (See image below).

chest & back soft tissue release


mid back soft tissue release 

Pushing into your heels to raise your butt off the ground slightly, roll up and down the middle region of your back and into your shoulder blades.  Again, you may rotate your body left or right to put emphasis on one side over the other. To further stretch your upper back and increase the range of motion, you may drop your butt down and lower your hands over your head and onto the floor. Doing this may cause some adjustments throughout the spine, so if you hear your back crack, don’t panic! This is a good thing, and simply means that you are mobilizing your spinal column (See image below).

mid back soft tissue release 


lats soft tissue release 

Place the foam roller horizontally underneath your armpit. Ensure that the bottom leg is straight and in complete alignment with your upper body. The top leg will be bent and place in front of the other leg to proper your body up and down on the roller. Relax the arm above your head, turning your palm upwards.

Shoulders & Neck:

Shoulders soft tissue release

Place the foam roller against the wall and apply pressure onto your should, just below your neck. Lean into it as much as possible and let your arm relax towards the floor. Then, slowly move your arm in a circle going clockwise, then counter-clockwise. To increase the pressure applied on your shoulder, you may hold a weight in your hand (if available). After a minute or two, drop the weight if you’re holding one, and begin to roll up into your neck. Rotate your body left or right to get different locations on your neck. Proceed with extreme caution, and be gentle. Remember to keep your head upright, keeping your spine straight.


Download Foam Rolling Soft Tissue Release PDF document

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Congratulations to our TQS Transformation Lifestyle coach- Cameron

Congratulations to our TQS Transformation Lifestyle coach

Congratulations to our TQS Transformation Lifestyle coach- Cameron for placing 1st in Men’s Middle Weight Body Building - Hendersen Thorne Natural Classic provincial qualifying event... Read more

These Canadians are Life

These Canadians are Winners............ In Life
JUPITER, Fla. - Jim Ecker - There were lots of big smiles and happy faces after the Ontario Blue Jays clipped the Kansas City Royals Scout Club Team, 4-1, in the first round of the WWBA World Championship on Thursday, but two of the happiest Canadians had to be Cam Mattice and Chris Branciere. Read More >>.


It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.

Muhammad Ali

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